Hey there! I’m Monique, owner of Misfit Babe.

I created this company for the babes that have never really felt like they "fit in", who aren't afraid to be themselves, to be different, or speak up when no one else will. For the babes who KEEP IT REAL! 

In an overly filtered world I hope to empower women to stop trying so hard to be anything they aren’t and just show up unapologetically as the REAL raw version of themselves… whether people like it or not! After all, it’s way more badass to STAND OUT and blaze your own trail!

I wanted to create pieces that are comfy for everyday wear but make you feel sexy. I want to empower you to show off that bomb body of yours and help you feel confident in your skin. To embrace your inner #misfitbabe and make a statement.

I want you to help me on my mission of inspiring women to be so AUTHENTIC that it makes others unafraid to be themselves too!

Maybe it’s crazy of us to think we can change the world but I guess that’s what makes us MISFIT BABES!!!